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Ross Cameron's Fundraising Page

Friends and colleagues, your generosity is astounding.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  Now I would like to challenge us to raise even more for the Boston Preservation Alliance, so I am increasing my fundraising goal to $2000 in honor of National Preservation Month!

As many of you may know, I serve on the board of the BPA. It is an honor to support the work they do, and I hope you’ll join me. I am running a mini fundraiser with an updated goal of raising $2000 to support their work.  I got the ball rolling with a $200 donation. Please consider donating, no matter how small, it all helps and it makes a tremendous difference for preserving the city we all love. I used to shy away from building re-use and preservation, but now it is the new cool as well as an important way to reduce the carbon footprint of our built environment! So I am packing away my dreams of being a Starchitect and going all in.

As an example of the promise of preservation, take a look at this image of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross created by Elkus Manfredi’s talented digital artist Jingwei Li. Preserving this historic structure means generations of future Bostonians can also appreciate this historic building. Just the first of several preservation projects I plan to highlight! Stop back periodically this month as I will be featuring more outstanding visualizations of historic buildings we are privileged to work on here at Elkus Manfredi Architects.


ABOUT Preservation Month | 2021

For over 40 years the Boston Preservation Alliance has served the residents of Boston as a nonprofit organization that protects and improves the quality of Boston's architectural and cultural heritage. Through advocacy and education, we bring people and organizations together to influence the future of Boston's historic buildings, landscapes, and communities.

Without our members, donors, and community partners, our voice would fall silent–a growing membership makes our voice stronger because together we make Boston better. 

Check out the projects we're currently engaged in and thank you for your continued consideration and support. 

Non-members who donate $60 or greater will receive an annual membership. 

Name Date Amount Comments
Robert Cameron 05/20/2021 $30.00  
Ross Cameron 05/19/2021 $206.28  
Michael Faia 05/19/2021 $103.30 Keep up the great work
Scott Menard 05/19/2021 $154.79  
Christopher Souza 05/19/2021 $154.79  
Dennis Quilty 05/19/2021 $206.28  
Jenny Elkus 05/19/2021 $103.30  
Emily Bauernfeind 05/19/2021 $52.34  
Adam McCarthy 05/19/2021 $104.37  
  Total $1,115.45  
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